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NOTE: From the comments we�ve received, we think mass trapping of any type of trap and GF-120 are inadequate to control the fly populations sufficiently to keep the damage down to acceptable levels. The Magnet OL�s manufacturer decided to increase their order minimums and place other restrictions on us. So, we will not be offering or using the trap this year. We�ve come to the conclusion that mass trapping only reduces the fly populations. It was the Surround WP that saved our olives! So this year, we are going to: 1. Set and charge our yeast traps and keep them charged throughout the season. 2. Adopt a restricted watering schedule prior to ripening as we always do. 3. Spray a single application of Surround WP (kaolin clay) at pit hardening in mid-June. We are prepared to do a second application but because of the early ripening last year, we did not have to. We have reports from growers on the coast that due to the effects of dew formation, reapplication of Surround may be required. 4. Careful sanitization of the orchard after harvest. Here is a supplier for Surround WP You can get an operator�s number from your Ag Dept.

Magnet™ OL combines an insecticide coated surface and a powerful Pheromone and Food Olive Fruit Fly lure. The lure selectively attracts olive fruit flies which land on the device and contact the insecticide. Both lure and insecticide last all season. This is an attrack and kill device.

Advantages of Magnet™ OL include:

  • MagnetTM OLI is an integrated and easy-to-use product.
  • Application rates are low (usually 100 devices/ha).
  • Insecticide and lures last over 6 months.
  • Powerful low dose insecticide formulation.
  • Environmentally friendly; no residue on crop or environment.
  • Highly specific; minimal impact on Natural Enemies and Pollinators.
  • Compatible with any IPM program.


Olive Fruit Fly Management

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