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Olive Oil Make-Up Remover & Cleansing Lotion

What To Do With Olive Oil Besides Dipping Bread Into It…

Olive Oil was probably the first oil used in cosmetics. Archeologists in Cyprus have found a 4000 year old factory that made perfume from Olive Oil!

The properties in Olive Oil are antioxidant as well as incredibly moisturizing and rich in nutrients. These properties not only enhance the skins moisture content, thus smoothing and softening the skin, but the polyphenals, and tocophenals in Olive Oil create a high activity level as free radical scavengers. This activity protects the skin and helps to prevent skin damage by sun and other environmental free radicals.

We would like to present to you here, some of our favorite natural at home cosmetics made with Olive Oil.



Greek Cold Cream

Allover Olive Oil Nighttime Lotion

Mediterranean Mask

Olive Oil Salt or Sugar Scrub

Olive Oil Shampoo

Three Oil Hair Conditioner

Olive Oil Evening Nail Oil